What’s happening in my life?

I haven’t been very good posting here because of lack of time. But most of all it’s because the common question “what to blog about?” is kind of haunting me. But after a question about it  by a friend, I want to try again, and write about what’s going on.

In the past weeks there’s been som partying, and more it’s going to be. At least two more, and spending my time with friends and my boyfriend. I am also going on this course but for most i’m working as a substitute at a kindergarten in Moss. It’s very nice to be working again, and I really need the money. I’m soo longing to get the driver’s licence and to move out from my homeplace with my boyfriend.


How’s you’re life?


I love it!

A few weeks ago I ordered myself a new personal almanac. Technically I didn’t need one because the one I have is ending i june-july this year, but I really wanted another look and since it’s already a little worn I thought I would be forgiven for that. I got my new in the mail today and I love it! The look is pictures of the best people in the world whom I love unconditionally.

Here’s how it looks:


It you don’t know; this is me and my gorgeous boyfriend!


This is the back and it’s a picture from new year’s eve of the best friends in the whole wide world! The pic is clearer in real life btw.


This is how it looks inside. Plain and simple.

What do you think?

New in!

I got a gift card on christmas eve from BliVakker.no. I used it on the site the same night, and bought some things I wanted. Had to pay a little myself, but that didn’t matter. Well, today I got the packages in the mail, and heres what I got:


What do you think?