The problem isn’t that I don’t want to blog, because I REALLY want to. The problem is that I really don’t know what to blog about. Someone who wanna help me out or give som tips/ideas? That would help a lot!

Supercute photo!



Today I have been on a inspiration day with Forever Living Products. This gave me so much inspiration and will for this business and the products. Who’s ordering more products again? Yeey, that’s me! I also got my first pin today, finally. There’s levels as you go further in this business and each level has it’s own pins.


What have you been doing today?
What do you think of the pin?
Have you ever heard about this brand?

A productive day!

Hey! It’s me again! I hope you are missing me, because I reguarly think about blogging, and that I really want to blog, but unfortunately it never actually happens.

It’s kinda sad how bad I am on writing a blog. But this time; I actally have som new photos! How many times do I have to write that I’m going to get better before it actually happens? Well, I hope that ends now.

Today I’ve been cleaning, washing and vacuumed my room. I also have been practicing driving, showered and paid a little debt. It’s nice to get things done!

Here you can see two of the pictures I’ve taken since my last post. The rest you will get in a own post.


I know…Interesting right? Well, it was delicious!


Another interesting photo? Well, I love TVseries.


Valentine’s card from my boyfriend.


My small Zayn Malik photo is switched. I like it better like this.

Sorry for small photos, couldn’t get them bigger.

A photo post is coming very soon, be prepared for cuteness!

Good morning!

Ayone else who is awake?

I like getting up early so this time I set my alarm at 8’oclock. But when it rang this morning, I was like “why did I set up this alarm?”. Because I was in the middle of a dream, and wanted to continue the dream. So I was a little angry at myself.

I dreamt that my bestfriend stole my boyfriend, and I was broken. I was still friends with all of them and was trying to get back together with him. I asked him “If you don’t wanna be with her, you can just break up”. Then he got angry and said that this was just how it was now, and didn’t even admit that he wanted to be with her, so I got the feeling that he really didn’t want her and wanted to get back together with me. Because before I asked that question I told him I missed him, and gave him a hug. He answered “I miss you too”. That’s around where the dream ended and I wanted to know what happened next and find out if we got back together, but no. I was dumb for setting the alarm clock!

What I said last time I blogged didn’t really happen, but I promise you I WILL and I WANT TO be better at updating. This weekend I’m just home and I am going to practise driving today (hopefully). And tomorrow it’s mother’s day, that’s gonna be nice!

Have a great weekend, guys! 🙂