A productive day!

Hey! It’s me again! I hope you are missing me, because I reguarly think about blogging, and that I really want to blog, but unfortunately it never actually happens.

It’s kinda sad how bad I am on writing a blog. But this time; I actally have som new photos! How many times do I have to write that I’m going to get better before it actually happens? Well, I hope that ends now.

Today I’ve been cleaning, washing and vacuumed my room. I also have been practicing driving, showered and paid a little debt. It’s nice to get things done!

Here you can see two of the pictures I’ve taken since my last post. The rest you will get in a own post.


I know…Interesting right? Well, it was delicious!


Another interesting photo? Well, I love TVseries.


Valentine’s card from my boyfriend.


My small Zayn Malik photo is switched. I like it better like this.

Sorry for small photos, couldn’t get them bigger.

A photo post is coming very soon, be prepared for cuteness!


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