Good morning!

Ayone else who is awake?

I like getting up early so this time I set my alarm at 8’oclock. But when it rang this morning, I was like “why did I set up this alarm?”. Because I was in the middle of a dream, and wanted to continue the dream. So I was a little angry at myself.

I dreamt that my bestfriend stole my boyfriend, and I was broken. I was still friends with all of them and was trying to get back together with him. I asked him “If you don’t wanna be with her, you can just break up”. Then he got angry and said that this was just how it was now, and didn’t even admit that he wanted to be with her, so I got the feeling that he really didn’t want her and wanted to get back together with me. Because before I asked that question I told him I missed him, and gave him a hug. He answered “I miss you too”. That’s around where the dream ended and I wanted to know what happened next and find out if we got back together, but no. I was dumb for setting the alarm clock!

What I said last time I blogged didn’t really happen, but I promise you I WILL and I WANT TO be better at updating. This weekend I’m just home and I am going to practise driving today (hopefully). And tomorrow it’s mother’s day, that’s gonna be nice!

Have a great weekend, guys! šŸ™‚


What’s happening in my life?

I haven’t been very good posting here because of lack of time. But most of all it’s because the common question “what to blog about?” is kind of haunting me. But after a question about itĀ  by a friend, I want to try again, and write about what’s going on.

In the past weeks there’s been som partying, and more it’s going to be. At least two more, and spending my time with friends and my boyfriend. I am also going on this course but for most i’m working as a substituteĀ at a kindergarten in Moss. It’s very nice to be working again, and I really need the money. I’m soo longing to get the driver’s licence and to move out from my homeplace with my boyfriend.


How’s you’re life?